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A+ Driving School        Idaho Falls, Idaho

When you apply for your permit at the DMV they will ask you what School you are going through.  Tell them A+ Driving School.  Your student needs a permit before we can officially sign them up for an online class!  The $350 dollars covers the online class and the driving instruction.  If you use Venmo the cost will now be $357, as Venmo charges for it's service to businesses.  Our  Venmo account is AplusDriving-School.  Sometimes they ask for the numbers 8657. Send us an email at peterpyper8@msn.com with the following information so we can get things started:  1.  Students full name.  2.  School they attend.  3.  Phone number (parents)  4.  permit number (DLN).  5.  Email address (we prefer it not be a school email address).  You may pay the $350 dollars by sending a check in the mail or by dropping off a check or cash in our drop box at our home address.  If you use Venmo the cost is $357.  Make sure you include all of the information listed above.  Call us at 208 523-1799 if you have any questions. Venmo us at: AplusDriving-School ($357). 

How to Find Us

A+ Driving School


2605 S 45th E

Ammon, ID 83406

(this is our mailing address only, the class is held at Tiebreaker Elementary School)


Phone: 208 523-1799


e-mail address: peterpyper8@msn.com

Thanks for looking at A+ Driving School's website. 

We have enjoyed teaching in the Idaho Falls area for the past twenty-five plus years. 



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