A+ Driving School Idaho Falls, Idaho
A+ Driving School        Idaho Falls, Idaho

When you apply for your permit at the DMV they will ask you what School you will be attending.  Tell them A+ Driving School.  Your student needs a permit before we can officially sign them up for an online class!  The $350 dollars covers the online class and the driving instruction.  If you use Venmo the cost is $360.  Our  Venmo account is AplusDriving-School.  Make sure my name, Lon Pyper is on the account.  Sometimes they ask for the numbers 8657. Send us an email at peterpyper8@msn.com with the following information so we can get things started:                                                                                                                              1.  Students full name.                                    2.  School they attend.                                      3.  Phone number (parents)                            4.  permit number (DLN).                              5.  Email address (we prefer it not be a               a school email address).                                                                                                                You may also pay the $350 dollars by sending a check in the mail or by dropping off a check or cash in our drop box at our home address.  If you use Venmo the cost is $360.  Make sure you include all of the information listed above.  Call us at 208 523-1799 if you have any questions. Venmo us at: AplusDriving-School ($360). Make sure you put the dash between Driving and School or the payment will go to another driving school with the same name somewhere in the world.  Make sure that my name, Lon Pyper is also on the Venmo account and that you put the dash between driving and school.  Thanks!  AplusDriving-School

How to Find Us

A+ Driving School


2605 S 45th E

Ammon, ID 83406

(this is our mailing address only, the class is held at Tiebreaker Elementary School)


Phone: 208 523-1799


e-mail address: peterpyper8@msn.com

Thanks for looking at A+ Driving School's website. 

We have enjoyed teaching in the Idaho Falls area for the past twenty-five plus years. 



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