A+ Driving School Idaho Falls, Idaho
A+ Driving School        Idaho Falls, Idaho

We Put South-East Idaho on Wheels

No driving school has taught drivers education in Southeast Idaho longer than A+ Driving School.  No driving school teaches more students than A+ Driving School We taught 918 students how to drive last year!


We offer classes every month of the year.


The owners of A+ Driving School are Lon and Darla Pyper.  Lon is a professor at BYU-Idaho and Darla is a homemaker and answers most of the calls for A+ Driving School.  She is excellent at explaining what you need to do to enroll your students in our classes. Darla and Lon have six children and ten grandchildren who live in the Idaho Falls area.


Lon served on the State of Idaho Driving Licensure Board for three years.


A+ Driving School, Ammon, Idaho                                       523-1799


We offer a "sibling discount" of $25 dollars for any new student who has had a sibling complete our program.  We appreciate your loyalty and your business!  (We don't offer the sibling discount for the online course).


Our regular classes and on-line classes are both $300 dollars.


We offer "three week classes" every month of the school year.  We meet two times a week on Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6:00 to 10.00 p.m. during the school year. 


In the summer months our classes are two weeks long.  The classes are held from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 noon.


There is an online course option for students who would rather take the classroom portion (30 hours) of drivers education online.  The student will still need to complete six hours of driving instruction and six hours of observation behind the wheel in addition to the on-line course


You can start immediately with the online class.  Call 208 523-1799  


We would be happy to sign you up with the online course and teach the driving portion once you have enrolled.  


The online course is taught by Idaho Online Drivers Education Course and is certified with the State of Idaho.  It is the only online course specific to Idaho and it's laws.


For more information please call us at 523-1799.  We are happy to explain it to you.





Please note: Most of our teachers have college degrees in the field of education and teach in public schools or at a University.  This means that your student will be taught by teachers who simply have more experience than anyone else.  As a parent, that would matter to me. 

All of our teachers are well trained!




Our Driving School in Idaho Falls, Idaho

A friendly team of driving instructors, make A+ Driving School the driving school of choice. 




Our instructors are:        



                 Lon Pyper            Owner          Ph.D. Professor at BYU-Idaho

                 Jordan Pyper        Manager       B.S.  (working on M.S.)


                                                                                                                                                   Brandt Pullins         M.S.          Regional Director for C.E.S. in S.E. Idaho 

                 Parker Pyper          B.S.           Teacher at Sandcreek Jr. High

                 Lisa Patterson         B.S.          Teacher at Black Canyon Jr. High

                 Mike Strobel           M.S.          Teacher at Sandcreek Jr. High

                 Blake Collins           B.S.           Teacher at Tiebreaker Elementary

                 Weston Griffiths      B.S.           Nursing

                 Jaydon Hunsaker                     Sales

                 Angie Morgan         B.S.           Teacher at Black Canyon Jr. High

                 Chris Griffiths                          (working on a degree at BYU-I)

                 Kim Williams          B.S.            Teacher at Sandcreek Jr. High


Our instructors are excellent!


A+ Driving School, Ammon, Idaho




How to Find Us

A+ Driving School


2605 S 45th E

Ammon, ID 83406

(this is our mailing address only, the class is held at Tiebreaker Elementary School)


Phone: 208 523-1799


e-mail address: peterpyper8@msn.com

Thanks for looking at A+ Driving School's website. 

We have enjoyed teaching in the Idaho Falls area for the past twenty-five plus years. 



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